2darb Trade Services

It is recommended to read this content to the end to get to know more about the services of a sample trading company. It is better to know that business services are a process consisting of activities, each of which is divided into other specific sectors. The example of this commercial service is introduced to you by 2darb collection.

International sea shipping

One of the types of international business services is international sea transportation services. 2darb Group, by concluding international cooperation agreements and using large shipping companies, provides its customers with high-level goods transportation services by sea. Merchants’ goods are transported from the stage of obtaining permits to the end of the route, under the supervision of 2darb Group experts, with standard packaging and in the best possible time. 2darb Group, having representative offices in Dubai, Shanghai and Istanbul and also sending at least 8 containers per week from China to our dear country Iran, has provided facilities such as groupage transportation by sea and air in order to reduce transportation costs for its customers.

International Air Cargo

Another commercial service of 2darb is Air Cargo Today, air cargo is very important for businessmen and this industry grows significantly every year. 2Drab Group operates with the efficiency of direct and indirect airlines and international contracts with reputable international airlines from Guangzhou, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Dubai to Imam Khomeini Airport for the transportation of its customers’ goods on a daily basis.

Door To Door services

The name of the 2darb collection is inspired by this type of service. Providing door to door services is one of the special services of this company. door-to-door service requires providing a complete process of business services. 2darb Collection completes all the steps required to provide door to door services and is one of the few companies that provides this type of service to its customers in a systematic manner.

Sourcing & Foreign Purchase

Other commercial services of the 2darb collection include foreign purchases and sourcing of all kinds of goods. In this way, you send the information of the product you are considering for import to the experts of this collection. With the establishment of an independent branch in China, 2darb Group has a detailed knowledge of the Chinese market, which has made it find the best and most suitable product at a competitive price and procure it for you from the main seller (source).


It can be safely said that the most important activity in transportation companies is the clearance of goods from different customs of the country. The customs of the countries that have the largest volume of imports to Iran are specialized in 2darb customs clearance and require expert forces, which are called work clearance. The 2darb set uses the most reliable and fastest method in this field.