About 2darb

2darb is an international transport company with 30 years of successful experience in any kind of special cargo by road freight, sea freight, rail freight and air freight as well as unique customs clearance services on the “door-to-door” principle delivery. We maintain a worldwide distribution network with over 10 branches across the globe that guarantee an efficient and impeccable distribution process. 2darb International Transport Company has been and will continue to grow step by step by providing valuable services and reasonable prices to dear customers, especially during the corona virus epidemic. 2darb international transport company with valuable services and affordable prices by using the latest technology, provides logistics solutions that will exceed all our customers’ expectations. One of the special services provided in the 2Darb international transportation complex is accepting and boarding all types of goods and cargos without any restrictions on the shape, dimensions or its materials. Goods in solid, liquid or gas form, as well as special items such as chemical and acidic or flammable substances, are accepted for ordering and loading in 2Darb international transport group. Normally, there are no restrictions on the type of cargo and packaging in 2Drab International Shipping Company.

ISO 9001-2015

System management

ISO 22080-2016

Logistics management

ISO 45001-2018

Strategic Management

List of the main personnel of 2darb collection

Salar Sheikhlou


Anvar Sheikhlou

Chairman of the Board

Fahad al-Mansouri

Logistics manager

Ms. Moghnian

Commercial manager

Alireza Maleki

Informatics manager

Aisha Ahuja

Procurement Manager

Natalia James

Sales Manager

Kiang Li Kiang

China affairs

Gonesh Dimir

Turkish affairs

Ali Jalali Far

Dubai Orders Manager

Saeed Valamaqam

Maritime transport affairs

Farhad Nikjo

Air Cargo affairs

Ana Daghayeghi

Director of Public Relations

Fariba Sedaghat

Marketing Director

Neda Farajollahi

Director of Public Relations

Farid Valizadeh

Jolfa branch manager

Ali Rasoli

Tehran Marketing